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Welcome to Gluten Free Things! Whether you have Celiac Disease; are gluten intolerant; allergic to wheat; eat a gluten free diet; are a gluten free ally; or can identify with these posts for any reason, you are welcome here. Feel free to submit problems, wins, tips, recipes, recommendations or stories. Thanks for stopping by!
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Bean Bubbles, a delicious healthy pulse-base snack for kids created by two Mcgill University Students! No gluten, dairy, or nuts. They taste amazing - kids love them! See for yourself :)

Gluten free breakfast

YESSSSSSS Pamela’s Pancakes, Chex, and Van’s French Toast sticks!

100% this!

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Helppp! I want oatmeal sooo bad do you know any super safe recipes?
glutenfreethings glutenfreethings Said:

Bob’s Red Mill makes a gluten free oatmeal! Sometimes, I get these funny sharp thing in it, but it’s for the most part, really good!

Mardi Gras dinner my mom made! Yum!

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This blog is amazing and I'm glad I found it. I'm the only one in my family/friends that has a gluten intolerance (the celiac test was inconclusive since I hadn't been eating gluten) and it sucks. I ate a slice of pizza last week and it took me literally 4 days to get over it and no one seems to understand. I also broke out in hives and itchiness, which was a new symptom. Does that happen to anyone else?
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Thank you! :]

One of the most frustrating things about gluten is that the symptoms are so varied.

I remember using wheat shampoo and being really, really itchy for a long time, and after finding out about gluten, it made a lot more sense.

I do sporadically break out into rashes from time to time, but I also have standard non-food allergies.

Has anyone else had hives and/ or rashes?

What are some of your favorite gluten free cookbooks?

What are some of your favorite gluten free cookbooks?



I thought the whole pizza party thing was great

but the fact that she included someone with a dietary restriction? (and hopefully others)


Win. :D

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Austin is a gem. #climbingconversations #celiac #climbing #whatveganseat #whatceliacseat #glutenfree #lol (at Maine Rock Gym)

This is very accurate.

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is there a connection between Celiacs and gluten intolerance with fertility issues? I don't get the reproductive issues post.
glutenfreethings glutenfreethings Said:

Yes, there is. Many people with Celiac Disease have trouble with regular periods; menstrual issues; trouble conceiving; and have higher rates of miscarriages.